Author: eroG


Remote Control – a Femdom/JOI Visual Novel

Remote Control is a JOI game focused on Femdom / BDSM.

Obey your fembot dominatrix by successfully completing her tasks and you may be rewarded. Disappoint her and punishment awaits.

Procedurally generated sessions based on your preferences and past performance offer limitless replayability.

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  • Massive replayability is possible via hundreds of individual tasks which are combined into procedurally generated sessions.
  • Your performance is tracked across sessions, allowing your past performance to affect future tasks.
  • Animation and Voiceover (partial) – Animations and voiceovers have been reserved for the highest-impact tasks/responses.
  • Enable/Disable categories of tasks based on your personal preferences.
  • Rate tasks so that your Discipline Facilitator knows your favorites (and least favorites).
  • Block tasks that you never want to see again.